Easy Way to Get Free RP (Riot Points)!

Is your wallet hurting every time you pay real money to unlock skins and champions? or Do you wish there was a legit way to get Free RP?   Imagine if your account looked like this: That’s my account and you could have that much RP as well or even more!   So, what’s my […]

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AFF Playbook – The Forum for Affiliates

If you haven’t heard the news, PPV Playbook is no more! The popular PPV forum has burned down and from the ashes comes a new forum, AFF Playbook. Created by David Ford, AFF Playbook is what PPV Playbook has matured to and the name accurately describes the forum since there is tons of information on […]

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My Facebook Advertising Experience

In August, there was a case-study contest I decided to participate in. You had to advertise a game offer on Facebook with a $200 budget. The contest ran for 2 weeks. This was my first real attempt at advertising with Facebook Ads. When I learned about the details of the contest I instantly knew what […]

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Infolinks Self-Service Marketplace

Have you ever thought about advertising via in-text ads? Or are you looking for the next hot traffic source? I have exciting news for you. Infolinks recently introduced its self-service advertising marketplace; the very first to hit the web! You can easily create in-text ad campaigns just as you would if you were using a […]

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2011: The Year of The Mobile Gadget

We all know how convenient the mobile internet can be when it comes to staying online, no matter where we go. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business broadband user or someone who uses mobile connectivity for purely social reasons, having the right gadget to get the job done counts for a lot too. With […]

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