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Reviews – – The Urban Lifestyle Blog Follow me on Twitter @d3so for Current Updates. Fri, 23 Jun 2017 19:30:27 +0000 en-US hourly 1 AFF Playbook – The Forum for Affiliates Wed, 16 Nov 2011 00:42:51 +0000 If you haven’t heard the news, PPV Playbook is no more! The popular PPV forum has burned down and from the ashes comes a new forum, AFF Playbook. Created by David Ford, AFF Playbook is what PPV Playbook has matured to and the name accurately describes the forum since there is tons of information on marketing methods other than PPV.

In the past, I’ve constantly heard about how great PPV Playbook is as a resource. I never did join because I was doing quite well with PPV when I first started and there are free forums available online; why pay? It took a name change to entice me to take a peek inside, and boy, I was overwhelmed.
AFF Playbook
As expected, you’ll see forums for Case-Studies, Follow Along Campaigns, Lessons, and Webinars. For Traffic Sources, there’s a plethora of information from PPC to E-mail Marketing and even SEO! I drooled when I saw forums dedicated to Landing Pages, Tracking, and Coding. If that wasn’t enough, there are also forums to help you improve business wise.
AffPortal Tools
With your membership, you’ll also get access to AffPortal Tools. These tools will help you build your campaigns. There are a TON of tools but a few worth mentioning are the landing page generators, jQuery landing page builder, keyword & URL scrappers, and downloads such as music, landing page templates, graphics, and more!

All of the above comes at a price that should be no problem. The longer you’re a member, the lower your membership will cost. It will cost you $67 the first 4 months you’re a member. The price will then be lowered to $47 for the next 4 months. After that, the price will only be $27 a month! For extra savings, you can subscribe for 6 months at the price of $326 and 12 months for only $450. If you’re serious about becoming a successful affiliate, take the next step to invest in a membership and devote yourself to learning the information provided. The ROI you’ll get is priceless.
AFF Playbook Stats

With over 50,000+ posts, many will contain gems of information unavailable anywhere else. AFF Playbook has a highly active membership base. With over 2,000+ active members, you’re sure to get the attention and support you need to take your skills and earning potential to unbelievable heights. Join today, I’ll see you inside!

]]> 39
CPV Den – Contextual Marketing Community Wed, 27 Apr 2011 23:25:43 +0000 This past week I’ve taken a dive into the unknown world of CPV/PPV (Cost Per View/Pay Per View) marketing. I registered with Traffic Vance and started building campaigns. Since my knowledge on CPV is very little, I searched for online communities that specialize in the art. That was when I came across CPV Den.

What is CPV Marketing?

CPV is very similar to PPC (Pay Per Click). The difference is the you’re paying per view/impression rather than a click. The main reason why CPV traffic is attractive is because it’s very cheap. Depending on the traffic source you can receive an impression for less than a penny! You can also pretty much market anything you want. You have the option to direct link to your offer or create a landing page. Obviously, it’s best to split test to see which works best. One draw back is that you could blow your budget very quickly if you don’t monitor your campaigns.

What is CPV Den?


CPV Den is an online forum/community dedicated to teach you Cost Per View marketing. This isn’t another internet marketing forum that’s flooded with information with no sense of direction or purpose. CPV Den’s core focus is CPV only, which is a huge plus. I know I’ll get the right help from the right people who know what they’re doing. And unlike other forums that charge $50+ a month for membership, CPV Den is free!

What CPV Den has to offer:

  • Help and guidance– The members are helpful and will guide you to make the right decisions when it comes to building campaigns. They’ll tell you what you’re doing wrong and what you should do to produce results. There are also many Case Studies and Tutorials that will teach you step by step.
  • Entry into CPA Networks– Some members of the forum are also owners of or are affiliated with well known CPA Networks. Contact them and they can get you in.
  • CPV Network Recommendations– You’ll learn which networks have quality traffic and which have better traffic for a certain niche or demographic. You’ll also learn about bidding strategies and ways to optimize your campaign with each network. Members who are willing can refer you to networks that require an endorsement.
  • Free Tools & Resources- CPV Den has many free tools that will help you build campaigns easily. From videos to scrapers and even landing page templates, you’ll be properly equipped for success.

There are many other things CPV Den has to offer but I’d like you to see for yourself. I’ve only been a member for about a week and I’ve learned so much. For me, CPV is so much easier than PPC. There’s less restrictions on the types of offers you can promote. Also, my campaigns get approved fairly quickly. The hardest part was deciding to invest $1000 with Traffic Vance. I’m breaking even now but hope to be profitable very soon. So, if you ever plan to give CPV marketing a try, be sure to check out CPV Den. Drop by and say Hi! And tell them I sent you. 😉


]]> 28
BLAM Ads: Source for Incentivized Offers Wed, 09 Feb 2011 02:23:53 +0000 When I first starting making money online, I didn’t know at the time, was with incentivized offers on Get-paid-to (GPT) sites. Now, I’m on the road to making my own GPT site. You can too with BLAM Ads. Most networks have some incentive offers but focus more on non-incentive CPA offers. BLAM Ads is an incent-only network by Eagle Web Assets Inc., the same company that brought you EWA Network.

Why BLAM Ads for incentives?

For those who don’t know what an incentivized offer is it’s an offer that you can tell others to complete in exchange for some sort of compensation such as cash or points that can be redeemed.
There hasn’t been much hype to incentive networks because only a few reliable ones exist, but I’ve found that I’ve received less conversions from other incentive networks in comparison to BLAM Ads. I don’t know if advertisers or the network are shaving my leads or if their tracking system sucks. But generally, I’ve received less conversions with incentivized offers but received more impressions. I chose to do business with BLAM Ads because I love their sister network EWA. They offer the same kind help, but I’m kind of disappointed they didn’t offer weekly payouts. Well, they do offer weekly payouts but only if you meet the minimum threshold.

What about the BLAM Ads inferface?

The user interface of BLAM Ads is different from that of EWA. The menu links are located in a left-sidebar. And it seems that you will need to sign up and be approved to run certain offers (the ones that will convert better). Unlike EWA, they do not have a “My Offers” section to organize those offers you’re currently running. You’re going to have to rely on the tracking system or your memory to remember which offers you’ve been approved for. One thing that BLAM Ads has that EWA doesn’t is a payment tracking page. I consider it a huge plus. Also, there are still no image creatives but I don’t really care about that anymore.

BLAM Ads Content Locking Gateway

Do you own a site that provides valuable premium content and wish to make money with it? Use the BLAM Ads Content Locking Gateway. This will place a pop-up on your site and the visit won’t be able to access anything until they fill out an offer. So, instead of charging for access to your site just insert a gateway code. The pop-up can be customized through the gateway control panel.
Content Locking Gateway

Are you a web application developer?

BLAM Ads has a virtual currency platform to help make you cash with your applications. I’m not in the field of developing applications so unfortunately I’m unable to elaborate further. But it’s nice to know that they do offer this service.

BLAM Ads is a new incentive network and I’m a new affiliate with them. The future looks promising. It’s been a challenge to get in other incentive networks but BLAM Ads welcomed me with open arms. If you’re interested in running incentive offers, BLAM Ads receives my highest recommendation.

]]> 19
Join EWA Network Tue, 04 Jan 2011 01:42:35 +0000 If you’re an affiliate marketer, you know the importance of doing business with the right affiliate network. There are many shady networks out there that take advantage of their affiliates by offering low-payouts and not paying on time or not paying at all. A few things you have to consider before signing up with a network:

  • Are they reputable? Do others recommend them?
  • When and how do they pay you?
  • How easy is it to get support?
  • Do they have exclusive offers?

EWA Network is here to Kill the competition

EWA Network

EWA is a private affiliate network by Eagle Web Assets Inc. What sets EWA apart from other networks is that they do MORE for their affiliates. You can request offers, they’ll get it for you, and promise to beat any payout. They even go the extra mile by sending you weekly guides  to help boost your success. A huge plus about EWA is that they pay weekly with no minimum threshold.

EWA Network has a simple-organized interface

One of most important things about an affiliate network is their user interface. Most of the top networks I’ve joined have info cluttered everywhere and it makes it hard to navigate through the site. EWA has a very simple interface that only consists of five tabs. At first, I didn’t see the use for the “My Offers” section and thought it was a hassle to manually select offers you wish to run, but now I understand that it helps keep things organized. There are only two issues I have to address. There’s no payment section where you can see past or pending payments. Another thing is that there’s no way to delete offers you no longer wish to run in the “My Offers” section. I’m pretty sure you can get your affiliate manager to do so. One more thing I think EWA lacks are image creatives. I’ve found it a hassle to look around for creatives but I’ve found that the best creatives are the ones you make yourself.

EWA Network is my Favorite network!

Despite a few flaws, EWA Network excels at what matters most to me. Being competitive and offering more! The weekly payouts sealed the deal for me because I’m sick of those net-30 or whatever payment schedule most networks abide by. I’ve been with EWA since June 2010 and have had no regrets or second thoughts about joining them. I love the fact that 90% of the time someone is available to answer my questions whether it be my affiliate manager or someone else’s or even the CEO. EWA Network is ranked number 1 in my book and they are highly recommended by many super affiliates. If you’re looking to soar above the competition, I recommend that you give EWA a try. Even if you’re new to the affiliate marketing industry, put in an application. You’ll be getting the best payouts and you’ll also be networking with well connected people in the industry. I look forward to doing MORE business with EWA Network this year; I hope you’ll join me!

]]> 23
Keyword Winner: Choose The Best Post Title Wed, 01 Dec 2010 00:14:21 +0000 If you’re a blogger, one of the most important things we overlook is the title of our posts. Our post title is a huge factor that determines where we’ll rank on search engines. Without the proper title, our post can be buried deep under many search results and can even wind up in the sandbox.

Simple Ways to Choose a Title:

  1. Do research – Have others used that same title?
  2. Target a specific keyword and include it in your title
  3. Use Keyword Winner

What’s Keyword Winner?

Keyword Winner is a WordPress plugin that will make figuring out a post title easier for you. It’s generally simple to come up with post titles, but it’s harder to come up with a post title that will dominate search engine rankings. Keyword Winner is easy to use. All it takes is one click!

The installation is simple. You have to upload the plugin files and you have to change the permission settings of two files. After that, you activate the plugin and can start using it.

To start using Keyword Winner, you have to create a new post. Enter a keyword in the title box and click “Get suggestions” and it’ll get to work. You can get up to ten results with 3-4 keywords but long keyphrases only give one result.
Keyword Winner Post Title
From the list of results you’ll want to choose one that’s highlighted green, which indicates that it’s a low competition keyword (100,000 competing pages or lower!). Red means high competition (about 1,000,000+ pages) and Yellow is medium competition (between 100,000-1 million).

What I think of Keyword Winner:

I like the fact that Keyword Winner is simple to setup and use. It takes very little time to receive the keyword results and it has helped me gain more traffic to my blog through search engines. The plugin can use some improvements.  I noticed how the “Get suggestions” button is only available when you create a new post. I would like to be able to use Keyword Winner when editing a post that’s already published. Also, It takes awhile for me to find low competition results. I thought the plugin automatically tries to find low competition keywords, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I got this:
seo services results

Instead of this (as advertised):

Keyword Winner

I don’t know what the deal is but I hope this gets fixed and release a new version of the plugin. Regardless, I still think Keyword Winner delivers overall. It takes away all the guessing and work involved to research keywords for your post title.

Currently, Keyword Winner is priced at $77 (for a single site license) and was normally $147. There’s no telling if the price is going to go up. If you has the slightest interest, I recommend you go on and buy it! You have 60 days to try it out, and if it isn’t what you intended, you can get a refund. If you do decide to keep it, I’ll give you $10 as a Thank you!

Pick up a copy of Keyword Winner today!

Keyword Winner package

]]> 17
Use iPhone as A Portable Hard Drive with DiskAid Tue, 02 Nov 2010 01:47:12 +0000 The one thing I miss most about the iPod Classic is the ability to use it as an external hard drive (HDD). This feature is unable with the iPhone and iPod Touch since they use flash memory. The solution back then was to SSH (Secure Shell) into a jailbroken iPhone through a wireless connection. The limitation is that you can only transfer through a wireless connection. I didn’t like this because it was time consuming and slow especially if you transfer large files. I avoided transferring files with my iPhone until I found DiskAid.

DiskAid is a Product of DigiDNA. They have many other great products for your Apple devices.

Turn Your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad into a Portable Hard Drive

With DiskAid, you can transfer files to and from your device with your PC. The best part is that you don’t need a wireless connection. You just need a USB cable. Here’s a video to see it in action for yourself!

Another neat feature of DiskAid is File Sharing with third-party apps on your Apple device.

Other products by DigiDNA:
TuneAid –  Backup songs from your iPod. Now, you can transfer songs from your iPod to your PC.
PicsAid – Copy and Backup pictures from iPhone, iPod, or iPad to your computer.
BackOff – Free utility that speeds up iTunes sync for the iPhone or iPod Touch.
FileApp – App to manage and read files on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. FileApp has a feature called Document Interaction that lets you manage files on third-party apps.

I am happy to say that all the products are reasonably priced and affordable. One thing they could do is integrate the functions of all desktop applications into one program. But they do offer a Bundle pack for DiskAid, TuneAid, PicsAid. You’ll end up saving more with the Bundle pack than buying all the products individually.

Another improvement I would like to see is portable versions of the applications. Though, the installation is simple enough, a portable version would be easy to run on work restricted computers that don’t allow program installations.

DigiDNA is an awesome company with a great list of products. I forgot to mention that you can try all those products for free!

As an added bonus, my readers get a 20% discount from prices that are already low. Just redeem the coupon code: d3sodotcom20 upon checkout to obtain your discount.

I know that these products will help you use your Apple devices to their full potential. Let me know what you think about their products and if you’ve used them before. Also, are there things that DigiDNA can improve?

I’m giving away a free copy of FileApp Pro to a lucky commentator. You can use FileApp Pro on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The winner will be announced next week and will receive a voucher to redeem the app on the Apple App Store. So, don’t forget to leave a comment!

]]> 9
PPC Ian – The Pay Per Click Professional Thu, 30 Sep 2010 01:44:09 +0000 When most people hear about people who make money with pay per click (PPC), they think about people who made it big learning this stuff from home and are living the work-at-home dream. Ian on the other hand is involved with Corporate Pay Per Click. I never thought you could create a professional career out of PPC, but then again there’s a large amount of money to be made on the internet.

Okay, so who is Ian Lopuch?

  • He’s a graduate of the Famous Stanford University; he graduated with a BS in Computer Science
  • Started his PPC career with NexTag
  • Five years after graduating from Stanford he is now a Director of SEM for a large company. (I wish he would specify which company.)
  • Instead of making an endless list on Ian you can watch the video below 😉

PPC Ian’s Goal:

Ian wants to help you build your online career. He shares tips and strategies to help you scale and increase your profits, and also build your career as a PPC expert.

Be sure to check Ian’s eBook that details his Top 5 PPC Career Tips! There are great takeaways from that eBook, I’m glad that he’s giving it away for free.

Ian’s content is gold. You’ll always learn something new unlike other PPC blogs that just literally promote products post after post. Judging by the dates on some of the posts, expect a new post every week. A week may seem long but I have to say the content is worth waiting for. Some of THE BEST blogs I read post on a weekly basis.  His blog theme is also something that stands out. You rarely see any online marketing blogs use dark colors. Ian didn’t go wrong using black, green, and orange (hmmm…a Halloween theme? Maybe Matrix/Tech?). Definitely an awesome theme considering that it was made by Unique Blog Designs. The ease of navigation is also a plus. Another thing that’ll catch your eye are those attractive social media banners located on the sidebar (I’m tempted to steal them to use on my blog). One thing that could be better is if the Blogroll were separate from the Categories and Archive tabs. Other than that Ian’s blog is pretty flawless.

These are a few notable posts on PPC Ian:
BlueHost, Add-On Domains, and .htaccess

Increase your search marketing leverage

PPC Ian interviewed by Jonathan Volk

PPC Domain Strategies

Aside from text blogging, Ian has a few videos on his YouTube channel that you can learn from. I wish he would shoot videos more often.

If you’re a blogger or an affiliate marketer looking to excel at PPC, I recommend you add on your list must read blogs.

]]> 11
How-To Create a Squeeze Page in Minutes! Sun, 29 Aug 2010 03:01:34 +0000 Get Squeeze Plugin Now!
There are many of us who don’t know how to design squeeze pages. We usually download templates or copy others’ squeeze pages. If you use WordPress, look no further. Unique Blog Designs, who brought you the Squeeze Theme, now have a new product called Squeeze Plugin.  With this plugin you can now create squeeze pages with ease.

You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to setup and publish a squeeze page. Squeeze Plugin utilizes widgets to design a squeeze page. The widgets consists of elements that are used in a squeeze page such as video, form, submit button, disclaimer, and more.  All you have to do is drag and drop the selected widget at the desired area on the design board. How the widgets are arranged on the design board is exactly how they’ll appear on the page (I wish web-design was this simple). You can also edit the size of the widget with your mouse. The best part about the plugin is that it works with all WordPress themes!

I’ve tested and used Squeeze Plugin myself and it’s definitely simple to setup and use. Just upload it like any other plugin and you’re set. There are also some aspects of it that are too simple that it needs to be improved. The buttons widget doesn’t utilize a button or image at all, just a text link.  The testimonial widget basically wraps your text with quotation marks and nothing more. The image widget should have the option to use an image from an external site and images that are already uploaded. I’ve also had trouble with the widget placements on the design board. I used a page with no sidebar but it seems that the widgets fail to utilize the free space. Also, some widgets would appear on the opposite side of the page rather than at its intended placement. Those are the only problems I’ve experienced so far. I’m sure these issues will be addressed and fixed since the current version of Squeeze Plugin is 1.0

The cost of Squeeze Plugin is only $97 considering the fact that a squeeze page made by a designer can cost up to $100. You can use Squeeze Plugin and an unlimited number of blogs and create an unlimited number of squeeze pages. When you purchase the plugin, you’re covered with a 30 day money back guarantee just in case you find that the plugin isn’t for you. I highly recommend this plugin if you’re the type that has trouble with squeeze pages; $97 is a small cost for convenience.

Get it now and setup squeeze pages in minutes!

Squeeze Plugin in Action:

]]> 16
My Review on The Last Airbender Sun, 08 Aug 2010 19:11:17 +0000 From an unbiased viewpoint, The Last Airbender by M. Night Shyamalan is a decent action movie worth seeing in 3D. The movie is an adaptation of the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender on Nickelodeon. As the series was divided into three sections called “Books”, I assume the same will apply to the movie. The first book is the Book of Water. I must say that I am a fan of the series as it has entertained me throughout the four years I was in high school which is the same amount of time the series ran. I had high expectations for the movie.

The visual effects were stunning but were poorly integrated into 3D. The 3D effect had visuals look as if they were popping out of the screen but not upfront in your face, which was what I was expecting (the blue alien Avatar movie had amazing 3D). I hold my expectations high and will hope they fix this and probably end up showing the next movie on IMAX.

Are you a fan of Dragonball? Did you see the horrible adaptation they did? The movie was absolutely repulsive. A decent job was done with The Last Airbender. The movie followed the general storyline but it was the small changes that ticked me off. Incorrect name pronunciations anyone? Don’t get me started.

M. Night Shyamalan really messed up (WARNING: I will use vulgar language if he messes up the sequel). The racial display in the movie was surprising. If you don’t know, in the world of The Last Airbender there are four nations each of a different element, air, water, fire, and earth. In the movie, it was shocking to see that the Fire nation was composed of Indians (from India) when clearly in my opinion the Fire nation culture is similar to that of the Chinese. Earth nation people are Asian, well okay… Water nation, they got a 90 percent on this. Air nation, they seriously got this wrong.

SPOILER ALERT: Another thing that wasn’t on par was the climax of the movie. Aang, the Avatar, the Last Airbender, the main character, was supposed to create a wild water beast to send the Fire nation invaders into the next life. Instead we get a scene of Aang creating a huge wave a surfer would only dream of. Does he wash the Fire nation invaders into the next life? NO! The wave subsides back into the ocean and the bad guys retreat. What the fish was that? Enough said.

I said in the beginning, from an unbiased viewpoint the movie is decent. In the eyes of a fan, absolute disappointment.  I felt compelled to write a post because I saw how big this movie was trending on twitter. Twilight: Eclipse was unheard of on twitter. There are some of you who will disagree with me; most likely you weren’t a fan of the series which means you don’t understand my rant. And if you are a fan and still disagree, you probably watched this movie while half asleep.

I pray that one of the producers has the opportunity to read this and will make a change for the better in the sequel. We need a new director. Leave Shyamalan to direct those movies that don’t make any sense.

On a side note, the million dollar question still remains. WHAT HAPPENED TO ZUKO’S MOM?

]]> 17
Review: Ultimate Blog Profit Model Thu, 10 Jun 2010 18:11:03 +0000 Ultimate Blog Profit Model is an eBook written by John Chow, the same author of Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul (read my review of Make Money Online here). This eBook is a perfect supplement to his book because this time he teaches you how to increase your earnings from your blog even more. The best part about this eBook is that it’s FREE! The information contained is of high value and definitely worth more than what’s in his published book. I’m going to quickly share what the guide contains and some thoughts about the guide.

First, we’re hit with the usual “About the author”. I enjoyed this segment because John talks about his long-ago past when he was living China. Very inspirational, I haven’t heard this this story of John before. Next, is the common pep-talk, why you aren’t successful and how you should change your mindset to become successful. John presents very interesting points that should not be skipped. Now for the gold.

The Ultimate Blog Profit Model consists of:

  1. Capturing leads coming to the blog
  2. Building a relationship with the leads
  3. Putting the leads through a sales funnel
  4. Work out the average revenue per lead
  5. Adding PPC advertising at a rate below the average revenue

Basically, I thought this eBook was mostly about list building through your blog, which is good because I decided to join Aweber (try it today for only $1).  I’ll definitely be implementing the techniques I’ve learned to build my list. I’ve made it a goal of mine to profit from my list on the first month so it can pay for itself.

Though this guide was really good, I couldn’t help but notice MANY misspellings. Here’s a list but I’m sure there are probably more:

  1. pg. 3, “Table of Content” = Table of Contents
  2. pg. 22, “You Email List Is Your Foundation” = Your Email List Is Your Foundation (same error is found in the Table of Contents)
  3. pg. 41, “Why Your Blog Need a Mailing List” = Why Your Blog Needs a Mailing List; “To maximum the income…” = To maximize the income…
  4. pg. 46, “…subscriber it sent to…” = …subscriber is sent to…; “…one in ten reader…” = …one in ten readers
  5. pg. 54, “…for 12 week.” = …for 12 weeks.
  6. pg. 57, “…you live the dream live.” = …you live the dream life.
  7. pg. 59, “…no eclectic stove…” = …no electric stove…
  8. pg. 60, “Start counting your blessing…” = Start counting your blessings…

With these misspellings, it gave me a feeling that this eBook was rushed (I’m open to being your proofreader, John :)). Nevertheless, it’s an awesome guide. Though, I do not recommend it to those who are beginners. Get the basics down first before touching this! For those of you that are ready to take the next step,

Download it for Free!

]]> 21