Adsense, Blogging Idol, and Life

During the past couple of days I’ve been somewhat busy. On Friday, I was luckily accepted into Google’s Adsense program. Soon after, I optimized my blog with ads (as you can see) and hopefully I make a decent amount of revenue. The rest of Friday was wasted watching the Deus Ex Machina series created from the game Halo 3. Fascinated by this fan-created series, I added some videos to my blog. I myself play Halo 3 and it’s the only game I play. I rarely play since I’m busy with school and my sites, plus my Xbox 360 is in my other house. I consider gaming as a recreational activity now rather than a hobby.

As for Blogging Idol 2, I’m excited that I was able to be accepted to partake in the contest. Now, the only problem is how will I persuade people to subscribe to my RSS feed?! I’ve thought of some interesting clever ways that implements the use of social-networking sites. The great thing is that the contest runs for one-month, which gives me more than enough time to experiment and strategize. The only fear that I might lose the interest and determination to succeed, otherwise known as being lazy 😉

I watched a movie on Saturday but I’ll post about that tomorrow. I want to keep my posts short and sweet, and avoid lengthy and wordy.

Hope you enjoyed this post, Subscribe!

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