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Affiliate Marketing for Sale!

I’ve been thinking about selling this blog these past few months. I want to succeed with this blog but I also want to succeed in affiliate marketing and other projects. In order for a blog to truly succeed you need to post on a consistent basis (every day), which is something I haven’t been doing. […]

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Set your goals

My Goals for 2011

I know that this should’ve been my first post for the new year, but I was heavily debating whether I should make this list a post or a page on this blog. I decided to turn it into a post since I’m going to have many goals I would like to achieve. Everyone should have […]

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Google PageRank

My PageRank Restored!

Early last year (2010), I decided to work on this blog again. Amazingly, I found that this blog gained a PageRank of 1 despite being idle for the year 2009. I’ve lost my PageRank with previous sites before and each time I’m left guessing as to what causes this reoccurring disaster. As most of us […]

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Apple Fall Event 2010

Apple Fall Event 2010 Abridged

September 1st, 2010, the day Apple announces its release of new products. Woowee! I’m going to briefly share my thoughts on the new line of products and leave out the useless details. iOS 4.1 Will fix bugs (YES!), Game Center (Can’t wait to see how this goes.), TV show rentals (no thanks!), HD video upload […]

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