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2011: The Year of The Mobile Gadget

We all know how convenient the mobile internet can be when it comes to staying online, no matter where we go. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business broadband user or someone who uses mobile connectivity for purely social reasons, having the right gadget to get the job done counts for a lot too. With […]

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Samsung Behold 2

Tether Behold 2

I will show you how to tether a Samsung Behold 2 to use it’s data connection on a laptop. I recently did this for a friend and I had a difficult time finding the resources to do this. This guide is to help those who have Windows 7 64 bit in particular because many people […]

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Gateway NV Touch Keys

Fix Gateway NV Series Touch Volume Control

I currently use a Gateway NV53 notebook. I purchased it back in February this year, 2010. The whole time I’ve had it I noticed that the mute touch key was always lit, even when it wasn’t on mute. Also, when adjusting the volume, no pop-up volume bar would show. Some of the other touch keys […]

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