Easy Way to Get Free RP (Riot Points)!

Is your wallet hurting every time you pay real money to unlock skins and champions?


Do you wish there was a legit way to get Free RP?


Imagine if your account looked like this:

Tons of RP

That’s my account and you could have that much RP as well or even more!


So, what’s my secret?


You might have heard of it. Yes, it is one of those survey/get-paid-to sites but there’s one thing that makes Swagbucks really special.

It’s their mobile apps!

With their mobile apps you can run videos continuously and earn points to get gift cards which you can use in the in-game client to buy RP.

Yes, you will need a smartphone and/or tablet to maximize your earnings.


Swagbucks.com has 6 mobile apps called Swagbucks TV, EntertainNow, MovieCli.ps, Sportly TV, LifeStylz TV, and IndyMusic TV which are all available in the Google Play Store for your android device. For iOS devices, currently Swagbucks TV, EntertainNow, Sportly TV, and LifeStylz TV are only available . These apps play videos and ads. Every 5-10 videos, you get 2 points. SBTV can get you up to 36 points a day and the rest earn you 18 points a day each. The best part about all this is that it is COMPLETELY PASSIVE meaning once you play a video, it’ll keep playing a video until you reached your daily limit without you having to do anything else.

I run these apps whenever I play league and even when I sleep!


1 point = 1 cent

36 + 18(5) = 126 points a day. It takes 500 points to get a $5 Gift Card of your choice. So, every 4 days, you can get a $5 gift card which you can use to buy RP. You can use Visa gift cards to buy RP or use the Openbucks program and redeem other gift cards such as CVS or Sports Authority giftcards for RP.


If you don’t want RP,  you can cashout through Paypal. For the most value, you can get a $5 Amazon Giftcard for only 450 points instead of 500 and buy whatever you want on Amazon (there’s a limit of 5 of these a month per user). Higher increment Amazon Giftcards have no limit but are regular price.


I also recommend you browse the site for many other ways to earn points. Some are as easy as clicking a link.


Here is my current amount of points for this month, October 2014 (minus the points I redeemed):

I made almost $50 in one month with little to no effort at all.

I pretty much have all the skins and champions I want.

You can too!


If you sign up under my referral, you will start off with even more points.



If you join under me, feel free to add me in-game and I can give you tips to earn even more!

See you on the Fields of Justice!


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  1. vvvvortic January 17, 2015 at 3:01 am #

    thanks for sharing!
    I finally got spirit guard udyr and pulsefire ezreal!!!