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TechnShare Crazy Guest Blogging Contest

One of my favorite aspects of blogging are contests. The reason why I love contests so much is because there’s opportunity to spread your brand/name and the chance to win prizes. The best part is that most contests are free to enter! The current contest I’m in is being held by TechnShare. It’s very easy […]

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Win $5 for Being Top Commentator

Would you like to win an easy $5 every month? All you have to do is comment on my blog, and comment often. Of course, there’s always a catch. No Spamming! No double/multiple posting. Leave responsive, well-written, insightful comments. (NOT, “oh cool”, “very interesting”, etc.) A reserve of 30 total comments from all readers must […]

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Rapidshare Contest #2 UPDATE!

Hey there! There’s only a few days left until this contest comes to a halt. I currently have 11 people entered but only 4 have confirmed by allowing to contact them as my refferal. If you haven’t yet,  please enter. With only 4 people officially entered, it seems like this isn’t even a contest. None […]

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Rapidshare Contest #2!

Wow! It’s been awhile. I’ve super busy and neglected most of my sites. It’s time to get things started up again. So, now I would like to announce our Official 2nd Rapidshare contest. This contest will only last through the end of January, so don’t miss out! I will be giving a One-Year Premium Rapidshare […]

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Rapidshare Contest #1!

This will be the first Rapidshare contest hosted on this site. As some of you know, I’ve sponsored contests on other sites. As usual I will be giving away a Free One-Year Rapidshare Premium account. But this time the winner won’t be randomly drawn. Only EIGHT people will have the opportunity to win and it […]

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